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Hi! If someone get the lucky disk...How can you see it? Like, does the cd look different? Cuz i got my album today and i found a gold paper in it but i don't understand it because it's in hangul. >.<

hmm, for all i know, the cd should be golden, is your’s? and the cd should say lucky disk on it in big, black, bold letters. also, if you go to the last page in the pictures, there should be 6 numbers that are just random. idk. if you want to send in a picture of the golden picture that’s clear enough for me to read, i can(:


Hey! do you guys still translate stuff? :3 cause i got this boyfriend lucky cd paper that i don't understand. :/

of course we do(: if you want to send it to me, i’ll be glad to translate it for you!


What's the cafe.daum. net thingy? i really wanna know wht's in it bto i can't understand hangul ..

I have a whole tutorial on their daum cafe ^^


[interview: 111015] boyfriend “even our fans say we’ve become men”

6 member boyband, boyfriend, has come back with their second single album, “don’t touch my girl.” This song was created by the hit-makers Sweettune.

To match the lively and powerful song, boyfriend has shed off their cute and anime character like image and returned with a more manly and mature look.

What do you think about this album?

It was an honor to be able to work with Sweettune. The song is very up-beat and fast but if you listen carefully, the words are actually pretty sad. It’s a Boyfriend kind of song. (Donghyun)

I feel like the concept has changed a lot from the first album.

You can say that we pushed the cute factor a lot in the first single album, but in the second one, we added a more manly kind of style, but it’s still pretty cute. From the song title, to the dance, to the song, we changed to a more mature look. (Jeongmin)

How was the public’s response?

We didn’t think our concept change was a big one,  but our fans kept saying it was such a drastic change and that they’re shocked. (Donghyun)

A lot of the fans said I’ve become a lot more manlier now that I cut my hair. (Kwangmin)

Weren’t the lyrics a little embarrassing?

I liked that the lyrics were a little embarrassing, it was more fun for me to sing. Especially in our “Don’t Touch My Girl” song, there are lyrics that say belly and I thought that was really cute. (Donghyun)

I heard you guys were building your bodies?

We’re getting trained 2 days a week for 2 hours from our trainer. Other than that, we sometimes train on our own. (Donghyun)

I feel like I’ve become more mature now that I’m building my body. (Youngmin)

Who’s body is the best?

That’s definitely our leader hyung. (Everyone)

Now that I’m building my body, I’m also trying to keep it in balance. I do all different kind of exercises and is training to just build small muscles here and there. (Donghyun)

I feel like you guys have grown a lot since the last time I’ve seen you. Who grew the most?

That’s me, me! When I look at the floor, I feel like the space in between my eyes and the floor has gotten higher hehe. (Minwoo)

I think the twins have grown the most. During our first single album, they were definitely shorter than me, but now I’m pretty sure they’re taller, sigh. (Donghyun)

At first (Youngmin) hyung started to grow more and then I started to grow and now we’re pretty much the same. (Kwangmin)

Who is your rival group?

Boyfriend’s rival is Boyfriend. (Minwoo)

Because we have to get better ourselves, we pick ourselves as our rivals. (Jeongmin)

It seemed like a lot of people mistake you guys for Teen Top.

Really? Is it because we have the same number of people? (Jeongmin)

Do you guys have a group you guys want to be like?

Ever since pre-debut, SHINee sunbae-nims have been my role models. I want to become like them. (Minwoo)

I want to be like DBSK sunbae-nims. (Kwangmin)

I want to be like Shinhwa sunbae-nims who are still together. (Donghyun)

Who is the mood maker in the group?

Jeongmin and Minwoo are the style to do random cute stuff to lift the mood up. (Donghyun)

At a past music program, there was a kidnapping happening done by Ok Taecyeon. How was it?

I didn’t know it on stage but when I monitored it, it did seem like they were being kidnapped and I thought to myself, so that’s how the word kidnap comes out. We also rose on the most searched terms for a while so I was very shocked. (Donghyun)

I was really happy that (Ok Taecyeon) hyung said our names on stage. We were both trainees at one time. But the kidnapping articles surprised me. (Youngmin)

Are you guys scared of 2PM?

Not at all. I can’t say we’re close to them but they always greet us so friendly. (Kwangmin)

You guys are going to be performing on the stage as SNSD soon, are you guys nervous?

Hmm, I think there will be a lot of things to learn so I’m looking forward to it. (Minwoo)

Do you guys have any close girl group friends?

We have no close groups in general. There wasn’t a chance for us to befriend anyone. I want to be able to get close to people during this promotion cycle. (Donghyun)

We have no way of contact. (Youngmin)

Who takes care of you guys the best out of same entertainment girl group SISTAR?

They are all very nice and friendly but if I had to pick it would be Bora noona. (Minwoo)

Bora noona is very kind. She’s like that to everybody so she’s the kind of person you just want to get close to. (Donghyun)

What girl group do you look forward to?

SISTAR recently won first so I think they are a group that you can definitely look forward to. (Donghyun)

Did your entertainment put a ban on dating?

They didn’t say anything specifically about not being able to date but if my members did, as the leader I would have to stop them. (Donghyun)

Do you guys have any greed for acting?

We should first grow big as singers. If we get a chance later in our career then I would love to. (Youngmin)

What about variety shows? Who would do the best?

Jeongmin is very funny and is a very bright child with a great personality so I think he’ll do great. (Donghyun)

I can do anything if you guys just ask me! I would love to try a real variety like ‘Infinity Challenge’ or ‘1 Night 2 Days’. (Jeongmin)

There’s a lot of idols coming out on Immortal Song 2. Would you join if you were asked to?

If I was given a chance I would love to. (Hyunseong)

Hyunseong is practicing a lot on his singing. (Donghyun)

How do you guys manage school while promoting?

I’m not able to go. Tomorrow’s a test so I have to study but I’m very worried. But the class president gives me notes on everything so it’s been a lot of help. (Kwangmin)

Plans for the future?

I want to be able to enjoy the stage. I want to get to know our fans more. (Kwangmin)

We weren’t able to meet our fans a lot during our first album. But through this album, I’m going to get to know them more and make sure we have a lo~t of fan signings and fan meetings! (Jeongmin)

You guys are going to look forward to us, right? (Donghyun)


k;e;r don’t touch my girl


You’re my lady You’re my lady You’re my lady…with you 
작은게 뭐 어때 짧으면 어때 괜찮아 괜찮아 꽃보단 너야
예쁘다 예쁘다 남들 보다 속눈썹도 길고 똥배도 귀여워

예쁘다 하니 예뻐 졌나봐 괜찮다 하니 바람 났나봐
다가 아냐 Ha! 끝난 게 아냐 Ha! 헤어진 게 아니야

*Hey yo, 안 되는게 딱 하나 있어 못 참는게 딱 하나 있어
너잖아 알잖아 투명한 내 여자 손 대지 마 
나만 나만 나만 보던 your eyes 속눈썹에 빠져 버린 your man 
오는 길 알잖아 나 여기있어

Rap>(You’re my lady) Tic Toc 우리의 시간은 멈추고 고 고 (You’re my lady)talk talk 단 한 마디만 더 더 (You’re my lady.. with you) 원래 없던 것처럼 괜찮은 것처럼 그렇게 난 지낼 수 없어 No No No 

웃긴다 하니 장난 치나봐 잘한다 하니 놀래키나 봐
재미 없어 Ha! 감동도 없어 Ha! 이러는 거 아니야

* Hey yo, 안 되는게 딱 하나 있어 못 참는게 딱 하나 있어
너잖아 알잖아 투명한 내 여자 손 대지 마 
나만 나만 나만 보던 your eyes 속눈썹에 빠져 버린 your man 
오는 길 알잖아 나 여기있어

네게 이쁜 거짓말들만 늘어놨더니 
거짓말처럼 넌 사라졌잖아 (You are my girl)
그리움에 또 하루를 지켜 니가 오는 그 날까지 버텨 
편히 오게 해 주고 싶어

Hey yo, 별 일 없는 척 하고 있어 변함 없는 척 하고 있어
올거라 믿잖아 누구도 내 여자 손 대지 마
나만 나만 나만 보던 your eyes 속눈썹에 빠져 버린 your man 
오는 길 알잖아 나 여기있어

Rap>She’s a liar 안 떠난다 했잖아요 좋았던 것들만 난 기억나요 왜요
그댄 어딘가요 난 여기 있잖아요 떠나지 마요 어떻게 해야 살 수 있나요
가지 마요 날 아프게 하지 마요 가슴이 아파 와 버틸 수가 없잖아요 
거짓말 이라고 장난 이었다고 빨리 말해요.. 제발


You’re my lady You’re my lady You’re my lady…with you 
Who cares if it’s small, who cares if it’s short, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s you over flowers
You’re prettier, prettier than others and you have long eyelashes and your belly is cute

You must have become prettier because I said you were, because I said it was okay you must have cheated
That’s not it Ha! It’s not the end Ha! We’re not broken up

*Hey yo, there’s one thing I won’t allow, there’s one thing I can’t hold in
It’s you, you know, don’t touch my innocent girl
ones I, I, I only saw your eyes Fallen for your eyelashes your man 
You know my path here, I’m here

Rap>(You’re my lady) Tic Toc Our time stops, stops, stops (You’re my lady)talk talk Just one more more more word (You’re my lady.. with you) I can’t just live like nothing went on, like I’m alright No No No 

Because I said it was funny you must be joking, because I said you were good you must be scaring me
It’s not entertaining Ha! I’m not touched Ha! You shouldn’t be like this

*Hey yo, there’s one thing I won’t allow, there’s one thing I can’t hold in
It’s you, you know, don’t touch my innocent girl
ones I, I, I only saw your eyes Fallen for your eyelashes your man 
You know my path here, I’m here

After you’ve given me a bunch of pretty lies
You disappeared like a lie (You are my girl)
I live another day while missing you, I wait until the day you come back
I want you to come back comfortably

Hey yo, try to act like nothing happened, try to act like you haven’t been effected
I believe you’ll come so nobody touch my girl
ones I, I, I, only saw your eyes Fallen for your eyelashes your man 
You know my path here, I’m here

Rap>She’s a liar You said you wouldn’t leave I can only remember the happy times why?
Where are you? I’m right here? Don’t leave me, how can I live?
Don’t leave, don’t leave me hurting. My heart hurts I can’t hold it in anymore
Please tell me that it was all a lie, all a joke, please

romanization: tba


[tutorial] how to level up on boyfriend’s daum cafe

* make sure you have a daum acc.

* go to

* step one.

* step two.

make sure the red wordings by the “enter the characters you see” says - 보안문자를 정확히 입력하셨습니다.  if it doesn’t, it means you entered it wrong.

* step three.

* step four.

* step five.

*step six.

copy & paste this for the title: 보이프렌드의 든든한 힘. 베스트프렌드!

member names & birthdays:김동현 (1989.2.12) 심현성 (1993.6.9) 이정민 (1994.1.2) 조영민 (1995.4.24) 조광민 (1995.4.24) 노민우 (1995.7.31)

boyfriend debut date & program: 2011.05.26 엠카운트다운

also, make sure to make your answers white. how?

you might be rejected from leveling up if: you get the answers wrong (which you won’t, trust me, if you just copy & paste what i tell you to and just truthfully fill in the other answers), if your nickname is not 3~7 characters in korean or under 10 characters in english. also, if you decide to use both english & korean in your nickname, your limit is 8 characters. ex) Boy동현(o), Boyfriend동현(x) the second one is too long. your nickname may also not contain anything that might get members confused and think you’re the real boyfriend or something like that. ex) 조광민(x) 러블리광민(o) no special characters like stars, hearts, etc are allowed in your nickname either. + no swearing in nicknames! other than that, you should level up just fine. if you don’t, feel free to message me with whatever comment the staff leaves on your topic and i’ll answer it for you!

now, it might take some while for you to get leveled up but eventually you will, i know i had to wait at least 3 days to get leveled up, starship is busy people! hopefully this helped you out a little. feel free to share but always leave the credits!


grand opening!

Hello there bestfriends! Welcome to the opening of boyfriendtrans, a tumblr dedicated to all the translated stuff of boyfriend! I’ll be translating their ufos, news articles, tweets, and anything else i feel is important enough for me to translate! so if you have been dying and searching everywhere for boyfriend translated goodies, you found your oasis! feel free to follow us on twitter @boyfriendtrans if you want a quick request or something! thank you for following!

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